About us

360PRO is a civil non-profit company based in Athens and aims to promote the work of greek and international artists as well as to organise and implement actions related to digital arts and digital culture.

Promoting digital arts nationally and internationally, it contributes to the support of emerging artists and the creation of collaboration networks with recognised artists. Athens Digital Arts Festival, which is framed through a series of parallel actions accomplished during the whole year, is its main field of action.

The company realizes the production, organization, promotion and evaluation of these actions, while organizing annually Athens Digital Arts Festival in order to reinforce audience’s contact and familiarization with new media and digital culture.

360PRO is a certified company for the organisation of events, seminars, talks, conferences, workshops & festivals.


We are passionate about ideas, projects and enterprises with cultural and creative impact.

We apply disciplined business thinking and robust strategic planning.


You can send any job inquiries at info@360pro.gr